In competitive times like we have now, it is normal to be concerned and have questions arise about a child’s future: Will they be able to have the lifestyle we currently live or better? What opportunities will be theirs to grab and what new challenges will they have to face? Will my child be able to obtain their dream job and professional success?


While there are no iron-clad answers to these questions, we do know that certain tools and skills exist that will help on the road to success. A second language – especially Spanish, a common language in many countries – is likely to give a child an excellent advantage and open doors in both their future professional and personal worlds.


However, learning a second language is about more than the future; it is also about improved learning here and now. Since languages, like music, are based on sound, learning languages sharpens a child’s ability to pay attention and learn all subject matters – including Math and English.


At My Spanish Village, we work to go beyond just teaching another language. We also want our students to grow and develop as healthy, kind human beings. We created our own methodology to ensure that each child develops at his or her own pace. We respect the child’s aptitudes along the way in order to ensure that your child achieves normal physical, emotional, social, cultural and cognitive development. We consider it crucial that the first formal academic experience is a happy experience and one that your child can build upon in life.


This means that, although MSV’s focus is on intellectual/cognitive and social/emotional development, we also give great importance to the cultural and physical aspects of the education. We conduct international festivals where the children learn about other countries and Spanish speaking cultures.  We also establish a daily routine filled with interesting and fun activities: dances, gymnastics, music, art, cooking, science, drama, daily reading of stories, karate, and history plays with puppets.


At My Spanish Village our philosophy is to be dedicated to making sure students grow in all areas of human development.  We know that when they leave MSV, it is with a solid base for the future. Our students develop enough skills to help them to shape their life journey such as: asking questions, solving problems, finding passion, independence, compassion, tolerance, dealing with change, being happy in their own and maintaining open minds.