Gardening at My Spanish Village

14, 15, 16 March, 2016

Our March every year all our classes work in our mini-garden. Each child should bring a baby plant or seeds and 2 pounds bag of soil to sew it, according with the plant species or flower chosen, once it has grown to its actual size. From selecting our vegetables and flowers, preparing the earth and planting, and finally harvesting, gardening can be a wonderful way to involve our students in a healthy hobby.

It is important for children to get lot closer to the ground; to have an intimate relationship with the earth. Anything we can do to bring that non-descript terra firma to life is great!

Along with the fun of getting dirty, gardening helps children learn valuable lessons about patience as they wait for vegetables to grow, responsibility as they see how necessary their care is to the garden, and even loss when flowers die at the end of a season. They learn also about nurturing a life and what it takes to keep something alive. It is an unforgettable experience.

Especially for this month, we asked parents to send their children to school with old clothes and shoes, since they will get very muddy gardening and learning a lot.

Gardening is a very interesting project for children they enjoy it year after year at My Spanis Village escuelita. Besides being an enriching experience in regards to: cause and effect, climatic changes, development of living organisms, responsibilities, individuality and teamwork, above all, we learn the marvels of nature. One of the most important things about gardening is understanding where food comes from, young children are fascinated in seeing food when it’s pulled from the ground, and they notice the similarities and differences from their garden vegetables and produce from the grocery store.

Also looking for the wildlife in a garden is a great part of the fun for little ones. Kids love insects and worms. Gardening introduces them to some of the living creatures in the soil, under rocks and on plants. It’s all a part of opening the world up to them. We could even let the kids build bug houses. We let them be creative. They build beds for the bugs, hot tubs, waterslides-things they think the bugs would enjoy. Children are natural nurtures, she says, and understand the importance of caring for plants and other things in the garden. How amazing!

We recommend likewise that parents take the time along with their child to go and choose the baby plants or seeds & soil, to make the experience even greater!

What plants and seeds the classes are growing in My Spanish Village?

Strawberries, cilantro, carrots, bell peppers, flowers & cucumbers. Mamis, papis & abuelos are always invited to join us!

After our plants have grow and give us their fruits and flowers we use them for cooking and decoration, therefore we will have many salads and strawberries shakes this spring & summer!

Gardening is not only a very safe activity but can be a wonderful preschool project filled with adventure, experimentation, and learning; and children love to learn when they’re having fun. Not only will our kids enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing life but they’ll love spending time in the garden.

Adapted from Ready, set, grow: The Benefits of Gardening With Kids - by Christine Beaudry’s article.

See our photo gallery from our gardening class:

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