My Spanish Village International Hispanic Fiesta 2016

On April 15th we celebrated our Hispanic International Fiesta at MSV.Countries involved were: Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Colombia and Spain.

It is a whole week of cultural learning for our students; each class works in a specific country on Wednesday and Thursday we "travel" using our passports to all those countries to finally on Friday have our very colorful end with dances from all those beautiful countries and food tasting of course!

There is not doubt that when kids learn about other cultures, it helps them understand and feel engaged in the world.

They become interested in how other people live, their cultural norms and values, different traditions and languages of course, also it helps them see the beauty of different cultures and appreciate the differences and similarities in how others and we live.

As our global world becomes more interconnected thanks to the Internet, travel and immigration, knowing about different cultures is an asset. Think about how much “smaller” the world has grown in recent years, and how that trend is likely to continue.

As world economies become more connected, so too do our lives. Understanding and appreciating differences seems to be a significant strength for everyone involved.

We took this opportunity to encourage our MSV parents, to support their children, learning and understanding, about different cultures in different ways, for example:

  • Attending a cultural festival,

  • Traveling

  • Reading books about a different cultures and traditions

  • Going online and do a fun cultural research. Watch pictures.

  • Maybe you could visit an ethnic traditional restaurant or market or

  • Cook a new ethnic food at home, Like many nice parents did for today!

  • Crafts are very fun too!!.

  • Here some pics about our wonderful International Hispanic Dancers!!​

See our photo gallery from our International Hispanic Fiesta 2016:

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