Sculpture and Ceramic - Second Week At MSV Summer Camps!

Introduction to Sculpture and Ceramic

This week-long class introduces young artists to drawing and coloring, designing and building. Imagine the possibilities! Two- and three-dimensional projects will incorporate techniques ranging from building, painting to paper-Mache, and learning to sculpt with found objects.

Projects will use both recycled and fine art materials to create unique and memorable works of art. The ceramics pieces in the pictures have being fired for first time and they will be glazed and fired again! Also we learned about different kinds of clay, low firing versus high firing, how to use underglazes and glazes, how to use the wheel and how to make small pots with it, etc.

Lots to do in just one week! Here some pics!

Here some pics using the wheel and carving out pots, exploring textures in our pots and also making pinching bowls only using our hands, clay and little water.

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