We have a strong foundation in academics based on the proven theory that young humans are extremely intelligent and need to be challenged. 


The early years of a child's formal education are the foundation on which their academic future is built upon. Our academic instruction starts from 18 months to our older classes.


We introduce our academics gradually in a very playful way, every day. 


Teaching academics to younger ages can be challenging for the teachers but with very small class ratios and customized age appropriate curriculum it is totally possible and, at the same time, enjoyable for teachers and students.


Learning academics is a natural and fun activity for our students. They are exposed to a variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Each developmental stage is addressed with love and challenge.


Our school readiness approach is thought in the way our students in the last curriculum levels can finally read and write letters, phrases and small sentences and numbers in Spanish.


In the other side, teaching academics in MSV is part of our proud accomplishment to set a strong root in each child’s Spanish language therefore by the time they leave MSV, they will not forget it.


It is also our belief that a strong academic foundation will foster a lifelong love of learning and help our children develop the necessary skills for future academic success and it is our job to help MSV students to build that academic foundation.


Of course MSV curriculum is balance between challenge – developmental readiness structure and playful - social engagement with peers PLUS super fun physical activities and cultural experiences between others. 

child playing with aquarells


At MSV “Real Academics” means that each level is integrated and set up to teach age appropriate skills, with the goal of making sure students can read and write words, and small sentences in Spanish, as well as do some basic math at the end of Level 4.

Groups are kept small to ensure students get the individual attention they deserve. All teachers have experience from their native Spanish speaking countries, as well as the necessary ECE (Early Childhood Education) credentials needed to work in the State of California. And, while all activates are academically sound, they are also designed to be fun..


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This is the opportunity for your children to spend a summer filled with fun and excitement while learning Spanish. Our program is so fun and active that your kids will have no chance of getting bored!


Activities Include: