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Pre-Enrollment/Waiting List 


As a way to organize our scheduling & programs, this form will allow us to know what day your child(ren) would be available to start at MSV.


  1. Enrollment fee: This fee is valid for one year and is $265.00

  2. Pre-enrollment/Waiting List fee: This fee is $265.00 and is NOT REFUNDABLE. However, if you have already paid this fee, you will not need to pay the enrollment fee when your child begins the program. As such, your child should be available to start, as soon we let you know about your spot: While we do keep the spot open for 15 days after notification, past that, your child will probably need to wait until the next available spot. In case we notify parent(s) twice about available spots, and they have refused both times, the waiting list fee will automatically be forfeited, and they will need to pay the enrollment fee.

  3. Summer fee is $80.00; however, students enrolled year-round do not pay this fee.

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