As parents we have reached the point of where we need help educating our younger ones. Even if we work or not, the world has become more demanding for us and parenting also requires more stress than our counterparts back in 70’s, where our grandparents or parents had a more flexible life in all the senses.


Today’s parents are required to enroll their children in several classes to develop as many skills to prepare them to cope in the current competitive world where they will perform accordingly since we have aided them to do so. We are not certain how the world will be in 20 years, but we wanted to make sure our child would have an opportunity in it, that is all it counts.


Preschools and daycares are becoming our parent’s right hand helpers in order to keep our children busy, happy, and educated while we work or do what it takes to survive in the 21st Century.


Parents visiting for first time come to our office and ask why part time from 1:00 pm to 4:45 pm, it is not a common schedule at our preschool, we always respond to them:


“Children who attend 5 days, full time do extremely well at the preschool overall, although the first few weeks are a difficult adjustment. The stressful situations those first few weeks are generally at drop off; once the child is in class he/she is fine. After those first weeks, the child is excited to go to school, and when parents come to pick them up, they would ask to stay longer (the preschool had an option to stay as late as 6 pm)”.


But we always wanted to go further than just that simple explanation and to make parents deeply understand the roots of our hearted support to full time working parents who seriously need a responsible, dedicated and well organized childcare situation.


Many parents touring our escuelita expressed their pride about their child being cared by a nanny. That secretly makes our heart sad. Nannies normally are not educators and the majority of them are uneducated (without intend to offend anyone), what could they teach to your precious little ones? What kind of routine could they develop with your child? Do they will care about your child reaching it's milestones if nannies have not idea of what milestones supposed to be? How about children developmentally appropriate activities? 


Also we all have seeing nannies engaged in their smart phones and just placing the child in front of the TV for hours, training older children to nap (more than 3 years old) to have time for their own activities or to complete shores at their patron’s home, we could go on and on, but it is just a matter to think about your child and what is best for his/her development.

In these times when we normally have a single child, children love to be between children of their same age, find friends, and to be busy and challenged and they know parents will not be at the energy level during the day to play with them, that is why they rather to attend preschool all day. Children are not a fan of playing with toys in their own room, alone, they won’t tell you but they’ll do it just to please their tired or working at home parents or sadly, because they have not other option


Children really don’t do well hanging around adults (parents, nannies, grandparents) for very long, they get bored and they start to misbehave or worst, they can be immerse in the world of iPod /TV games and not so very developmentally appropriate activities that not only will not support them to reach out the milestones they supposed to reach or go further than them, but as educators and parents we will be wasting that precious time were young children are learning in high speed revolutions, before to reach the age of 6 years old.


Therefore, a full time preschool gives children the excitement they want and need, which will make parent’s time at home much more relaxed. Once they have been playing there all day, children are very willing to sit down and read stories with mom or dad, or play with his toys without parents undivided attention.


We do think that preschool is really valuable socially for all the involved parts, children love to be part of our escuelita, and parents and teachers love being part of our preschool experience and to be part of the school community. Parents get to know all the kids & families their child is in school with, and always can have an inside look at what is going on at school.


And because all the above reasons, be believe full time preschool schedule give us as parents: Time to yourselves, to go happily to work full day, to run errands, exercise, or just a little quiet recharge while your child is having a great time, learning and expending the day with much fun. What else you could ask for?


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