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Summer Camps

We host summer camps every year for children starting at 18 months and up to third grade For this age group we offer monthly camps. Your child will need to attend 5 days a week for the month of July or August.


The following classes will be included in our summer schedule:

WEEK 1 - July 5th - 8th

Do Art With Anything!

Crafting from recycled materials, painting walls, making dough from scratch, creating doll furniture, making stuffed animals, building different toys and more – all from just some odds and ends that pass through our lives – ATM receipts, cereal boxes, bottle tops, scrapbook remnants, ribbons, wood pieces, Styrofoam, shoeboxes, etc. We will turn them into unique pieces of art!

WEEK 2 - July 11th - 15th

Are Dinosaurs Coming Back?

Let's find your child’s inner explorer this summer at a camp that lets her discover science first hand. Whether you're digging for dino fossils, or getting up close and personal with animals in nature, it's sure to be a summer you won't forget. Want to learn the names of all the different dinosaurs, where they lived, what they ate and how big they really were? Campers will go on a dig, discover fossils, make a dinosaur tooth and really learn what it was like to live during the dinosaur age. By the end of this week-long camp, everyone will be a young paleontologist.


WEEK 3 - July 18th - 22nd

Jungle Critters

It’s time to play pretend at the Zoo! Are you ready to have your child stomp around like a rhino or learn how to host a jungle tea party? Here they can star in their own video with some of our animal ambassadors, as we fly about with feathered friends, surf with harbor seals, and become buddies with tiger cubs.


WEEK 4 - July 25th -  July 29th

Crazy Science

Join us to mix, mush and brew together different chemical components to create things. Campers will be introduced to how inventors work, and why many inventions are created by accident. And of course, they will create their own!


WEEK 5 - August 1st -August 5th

Exploring Latino Cooking and Flavors

Are your children always "helping" in the kitchen, asking to bake “galletas” or “pastel?” Do they ask you how to cook? Now is the time to let them have the most fun with cooking this summer! Making Peruvian rice, Mexican "Quesadillas", Colombian "Papas Chorreadas", Argentinean "Alfajores" and Puerto Rican "Besitos de Coco", this will be a week that your child will never forget!


WEEK 8th - August 19th

Bug's Life

Let's get an up-close look at a bug's life! Build a bug house, make insect snacks, and find out how creepy crawlers eat, sleep, and play! Lots of fun!

WEEK 7 August 22nd - 26th

Good Bye Summer

We will get ready to go back to school, do art, cooking and a mix of all our summer activities in just one exciting last week!

Click on the link, to get more details about our Walnut Creek summer camp location or Pleasant Hill summer camp location.

Kids love Spanish Summer Camps at MSV! Sign them up for sunny days filled with crafts, sports, science, art and cooking all while learning Spanish.  

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Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo, Concord, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill

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